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Rules and GuidelinesHere is the information about the dormitory.

Rules for Life

Article 1 (Objective)
These Rules are designed to provide guidelines for those joining the KAIST dormitories (hereafter referred to as “residents”) pursuant to Article 7 of the Dormitory Management Guidelines.
Article 2 (Applicability)
These Rules for Life at Dormitory (hereafter referred as “Rules”) are applied to all residents, provided that the head of the Office of Student Affairs may adjust the scope of application if necessary.
Article 3 (Rules for Life)
① In principle, residents shall be allowed to enter and leave the dormitories from 06:00 to 24:00, provided that the main entrance only shall be open after 24:00 for those engaged in late-night experimentation and research.
② In principle, ceiling lights in dormitory rooms (i.e. bedrooms) shall be turned off from 00:00 to 06:00.
Article 4 (Responsibilities of Residents)
① (a) Residents shall abide by the Rules and public morals.
② Residents shall endeavor to promote a healthy dormitory culture and an academic environment.
③ Residents must observe silence and refrain from disturbing others within the dormitories.
④ Residents shall clean their rooms and keep them neat and tidy.
⑤ Residents shall follow KAIST’s regulations on safety management and take responsibility for preventing fire (e.g. taking care of indoor heating devices) and other safety accidents.
⑥ Residents shall perform their duties, with the care of good manager, in protecting/maintaining dormitory facilities and managing/preserving rented supplies.
⑦ Whenever leaving their rooms, residents shall lock the doors and exercise due diligence to prevent theft.
⑧ Residents shall obey the rightful directions of relevant staff members and cooperate for inspections and general house cleaning.
Article 5 (Prohibition of Relocation)
Residents shall not relocate themselves to other rooms at their discretion, provided that they shall submit an application for relocation and obtain prior approval if unavoidable circumstances force them to relocate.
Article 6 (Use of Public Utilities)
① All facilities and fixtures in the dormitories shall not be relocated arbitrarily; shared supplies, in particular, must not be relocated or exclusively utilized without permission.
② Residents shall pay their own telephone bills or other fees for any individually-charged services.
③ Residents shall do their laundry in a designated laundry room.
④ Residents shall take special care to prevent fire while using the iron room; they must suspend the power supply and put things in order after finishing ironing.
Article 7 (Indemnification)
Any resident damaging or losing dormitory facilities or rented supplies, either on purpose or accidentally, shall indemnify for the damage or loss.
Article 8 (Advertising and Notification)
① Advertisements and notices must be made on designated bulletin boards.
② All advertisements and notices may be removed forty-eight (48) hours after being posted, assuming they have become fully known to the public.
Article 9 (Reporting Duties)
Residents shall immediately notify relevant offices if any of the following circumstances take place:
① Damage/loss of facilities, supplies, etc.;
② Fire, theft, emergency patient or other disaster;
③ Discovery of electricity, water supply or steam failure, or damage in facilities, supplies, etc.; and
④ Other accidents equivalent to what is specified above.
Article 10 (Prohibited Conducts)
Residents shall not make any of the following conducts in the dormitories and, if violating this provision, be expelled from the dormitories or face applicable punishment stipulated in the Demerit Mark System for Dormitory Residents:
① Fire (accidental or incendiary) and theft;
② Different-sex persons sleeping in the same room;
③ Violence;
④ Intentional damage on fixtures and supplies, unpermitted relocation or exclusive use of public fixtures and supplies;
⑤ Unapproved entrance to dormitories for different sexes, or allowance of stay by non-residents in the dormitories;
⑥ Fire-inducing conducts (possession and use of electric heaters, flammables and cooking devices);
⑦ Allowance of stay in the dormitories by KAIST students not residing in the dormitories;
⑧ Gambling;
⑨ Cooking in lounges;
⑩ Unapproved leaving of personal belongings in public space;
⑪ Generation of annoying noise and singing;
⑫ Negligence of untidy personal rooms and damage on fixtures;
⑬ Drinking within the dormitories;
⑭ Smoking in non-smoking areas;
⑮ Raising of any animal and Other conducts causing inconveniences to other residents.
Article 11 (Visitation)
① Visitation to residents within dormitories shall be made upon prior approval of dormitory inspectors.
② Visitation by different-sex visitors shall be made in less than one (1) hour from 09:00 to 24:00.
③ Resting rooms can be used for interview place; but hall inspector can indicate specific locations.
④ Dormitory inspectors shall record the arrival/departure time of visitors and get their signature.
⑤ For visitation by same-sex visitors, any certificate indicating their identity (e.g. student card, ID card, driver’s license, etc.) and an application for visitation shall be submitted to dormitory inspectors for reporting purposes.
Article 12 (Maintenance)
① Residents must always keep their rooms neat and tidy and endeavor to protect dormitory facilities.
② Residents shall cooperate actively for general house cleaning, held either regularly or irregularly, to maintain a pleasant living environment.
Article 13 (Inspection)
① Inspections shall be made on residents, facilities, hygiene and living conditions to ensure safety and create a sound living culture in the dormitories.
② Inspections shall be made every day, either during daytime or at night; extraordinary inspections may be made under special circumstances.
③ Inspections shall be made by the head of the Office of Student Affairs, by principle, but may be commissioned to dormitory staff members or dormitory assistants if necessary.
Article 14 (Submission of Moving-Out Application)
Upon departure from dormitories, residents shall submit a moving-out application and return all rented supplies.
Article 15 (Reward)
The head of the Office of Student Affairs may reward residents contributing to creating an academic environment or improving the living environment in dormitories.
Article 16 (Disciplinary Measures)
① Residents violating the Dormitory Management Guidelines and these Rules may be warned or be asked to leave the dormitories, by the type of their violations, as disciplinary measures.
② Warning and expulsion shall be done by the head of the Office of Student Affairs. .