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Sarang Hall

  • Number of residents : 408
  • Room type: room for three
  • Eligibility: male undergraduate students
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FAQ10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do returning students have to apply separately?

The application period for the returning students is the same as other regular students. The application for returning to school and the application for the dormitory is independent of each other.

How can I pay for the dormitory?

During the dormitory application period, you will receive notification regarding the payment for the dormitory. Please follow the instructions, and pay the fee to the virtual bank account provided to you.

To get refund for the dormitory, what should I do?

After logging in, you can find the procedure to receive the refund at the cancellation or moving-out tab. You do not have to visit the Student Life team for the refund. It takes about a week until the dormitory fee is refunded.

I want to move out from the dormitory in the middle of the semester. How much dormitory fee can I get it back?

The refund amount varies depending on how long you have been staying in the dormitory. The refund fee is calculated based on 15-day term. (8th to 22nd day of a month, and 23rd day of the current month to 7th day of the next month)

If I registered late for the summer/winter session, can I apply for the summer/winter dormitory?

You must apply for the summer/winter dormitory before you register late for summer/winter session. Please note that if the Student Life team finds any student staying in summer/winter session without any proper reason, the student will be expelled from the dorm for the summer/winter session.

How is the eligibility for the reassignment of the room determined?

The standard is different between the undergraduates and graduates. For graduates, students are eligible for the reassignment application for both spring/fall semester. For undergraduate students, they are only eligible for reassignment in Fall semester. The reassignment is applicable only during the regular semesters.

What is the mail address of dormitory?

KAIST, Gusung-dong 373-1, Yusung-gu, Daejon OO Building

Should only undergraduate students apply for the dormitory during winter/summer session?

Yes, only undergraduate students are applicable for the dormitory for summer/winter sessions. For graduate students, the dormitory is assigned on 6-month basis.

Is the dormitory only for students who current attends the school?

Yes, only students who are currently attending can live in the dormitory. If you apply for the leave of absence, you must leave the dormitory. *Please contact the general affairs team if you are a researcher at KAIST or a Post-Doctoral researcher.

Is it possible to issue a certificate of payment?

Yes, You can. Please visit and request the certificate to the person who is in charge of dormitory accounting. * But you can’t get a tax deduction.
  • Hwaam(Dining)
  • Hwaan(Dining) offers good and reasonably priced diet.
  • Gym
  • GYM promote the health of students.
  • Vending Machine
  • The vending machine is equipped with a variety of beverage.
  • Laundary Room
  • Laundary Room is conveniently available.
  • Parent’s Room
  • Parents can relax at parent’s room.
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