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LocationHere is the information about the dormitory.

서측 기숙사동 오는길

E East Hall Building

E1 Main Gate E9 Main Library
E2 Industry E10 Storehouse
Engineerging B/D E11 Creative Learning
E2-1 Dept.of Knowledge B/D
Service E12 Energy Plant
Engineering E13 Satellite
E3 Information & Technology
Electronics B/D Research Center
E3-1 Dept. of Computer E14 Main
Seience Administration B/D
E3-2 Dept.of Electrical -Office of
Engineering Academic Affairs
E3-3 Device Innovation -Office of Research
Facility Affairs
E3-4 Device Innovation -Office of Planning
E4 KI building (KAIST and Budget
Institutes B/D) -Office of
E5 Faculty Hall Administration
E6 Nature science B/D E15 Audltorium
E6-1 Dept.of E16 ChungMoonsoul
Mathematical B/D
Sciences E17 Stadium
E6-2 Dept.of Physics E18-1 Bio Model System
E6-3 Dept.of Biological Park
Sciences 18-2 Daejeon Disease-
E6-4 Dept.of Chemistry model animal
E6-5 GoongNi Center
Laboratory B/D E19 National Nano Fab
E6-6 Basic Science B/D Center
E7 BioMedical E20 Kyeryong Hall
Research Center E21 KAIST Clinic
E8 Sejong hall    

W West Building

W1 Applied engineering B/D
-Dept.of Materials
W2 Student Center-1
W2-1 International center
W3 Galilei Hall
W4-1 Yeoul Hall
W4-2 Nadl Hall
W4-3 Dasom Hall
W4-4 Heemang Hall
W5 1~3Married Students
4,5 International
W6 Mir hall, Narae hall
W7 Nanum hall
W8 Education support B/D
W9 Outdoor theater
W10 Wind Tunnel
W11 International Faculty
W12 West Energy Plant
W16 Geotechnical
Testing Center

N North Building

N0 East Gate N20 Silloe Hall
N1 ITC Building N21 Jihye Hall
N2 Branch Administration B/D N22 Alummi Venture Hall
N3 Sports Complex N23 fMRI Center
N4 School of Humanities & N24 LG Semicon Hall
Socoal Science B/D N25 Dept.of Industrial
-Language Center Design B/D
N5 Basic Experiement N26 Center for High-
&Research B/D Performance
N6 Faculty Club Integrated Systems
N7 Mechanical Engineering N27 Eureka Hall
B/D N28 Energy&Environment
N7-1 Dept.of Nuclear Research Center
&Quantum Engineering    
N7-2 Division of Aerospace    
N7-3 Division of Mechanical    
N7-5 Automobile Technology    
Laboratoru Building    
N9 Practice B/D    
N10 Undergraduate Branch    
N11 Cafeteria    
N12 Student Center-2    
N13 Tae Wul Gwan    
N14 Sarang Hall    
N15 Staff accommodation    
N16 Somang Hall    
N17 Seongsil Hall    
N18 Jilli Hall    
N19 Areum Hall