Dormitory operation regulations and penalty system

Dormitory management rules

Article 1 (Purpose and Definition)
① This regulation serves to set the norms of living that must be kept by dormitory users (“users“) according to the Dormitory Method of Management Article 7
② The dormitory includes the main campus dormitory and the Seoul campus dormitory.
③ The management department of the dormitory in main campus shall be Student life team, and dormitory in Seoul campus shall be the Seoul campus management team. ("management department")

Article 2 (Range of application)
This dormitory living regulation (“regulation”) applies to all users. If needed, the Head of Office of Student Life can adjust the range of application.

Article 3 (Duty)
① Users must abide the regulations and public order.
② Users must try to keep a healthy community life and academic atmosphere.
③ Users must be quiet in the dormitory and must not engages in acts that could cause harm to others.
④ Users must clean and keep their rooms hygienic and must clean the room when moving out.
⑤ Users must abide the rules for safety set by the institute and be responsible for prevention of fire and other accidents.
⑥ Users must keep and protect the facilities of the dormitory and maintain and keep provided items.
⑦ Users must lock the doors when leaving the room and must try their best to prevent theft.
⑧ Users must follow the orders of related officers and must actively cooperate to maintenance checks and clean-ups.

Article 4 (Dormitory Fee Arrangement and Imposition)
① The dormitory fee will be arranged according to the changes in the cost of living, labor, balanced carried over and revenue, but requires a deliberation from the Student Life Committee and the approval of the Head of Office of Student Life. But, That the dormitory in Seoul campus shall be determined through deliberation from the Seoul Campus Operation Committee.
② The finalized dormitory fee will be posted on the portal and will be imposed by being applied in the dormitory operation system

Article 5 (Moving in, moving rooms and moving out)
① Students who are entering the dormitory must check the Dormitory Application and Assignment Notice that is posted in the portal and the KDS website for detailed information on moving in, moving rooms and moving out every semester.
② Users cannot arbitrarily move rooms and must move after applying for application through the KDS website or receiving approval from the management department. must get an approval from the dormitory supervisor after applying for a relocation of room exchange on the KDS website.
③ When moving out of the dormitory, users must apply for a move out in the KDS website, return any rented items and get approval from the living expenses.

Article 6 (Relocation and Room Exchange)
① All items within the dormitory cannot be arbitrarily moved; relocation, damaging and personal possession of public property, especially, is strictly forbidden.
② The washing of laundry must take place in designated laundry area.
③ When using the iron room, users must be extra cautious of causing fire, must turn off the electricity and clean up after using it.
④ After renting the vacuum cleaner, users must clean the dust bag before returning the it for the next user.

Article 7 (Compensation Responsibility)
If a user intentionally or accidentally damaged or lost a dormitory lented item or facility, the user must compensate for it.

Article 8 (Advertisements and Notices)
① Any advertisement or notice must have the person responsible / name of organization / date posted / date of removal, and must use designated boards.
② All posters without a date of removal can be removed immediately, and if the date of removal has passed, it can be removed. But, long-term postings by school administrative teams and the dormitory council are exceptions.

Article 9 (Duty to Report)
When users find each of the sections below, the user must report to the related school department.
① When having damaged or lost facilities and items
② When there is a fire, theft, emergency patient or other accidents
③ When finding malfunction in electricity, water and steam or damages in facilities and items.
④ When any case similar to the each section above happens.

Article 10 (Prohibition)
Users must prohibit doing activities that violate the clauses of the Dormitory Pental Point System and when having done so, the user will be disciplined according to the act of violation. The penalty point system for living quarters shall be as specified in attached Table 1.
Where the head of the student living department deems it to be in violation of Article 7 (Living Rules), he/she may grant penalty points in accordance with the standards for imposition of penalty points.

Article 11 (Maintenance)
① Users must keep their room clean and try to protect the facilities.
② For maintaining a pleasant living environment, users must actively participate in regular or irregular clean-ups.
③ For items left in or near the dormitory for more than 2 days without notice, a disposal notice will be made for 7 days, they will be moved to a designated area for 6 months and be disposed after 6 months.

Article 12 (Inspection)
① living expenses can visit rooms without telling the user in cases of safety checks or emergency situations. In this case, it must be reported to the management department.
② Special inspections can be done when there is a special reason, and it can be delegated to the dormitory council (Dormitory Assisstant).

Article 13 (Disciplinary Action)
① Dormitory representative or living expenses shall write the Dormitory Penalty Point Request on student who violated dormitory rules referring to the dormitory penalty point system and deliver it to the management department. The manager of management department reports to Associate VP of the Office of Student Life, inform student about the penalty point requested and penalty point will be confirmed unless there's a formal objection from student within a week. Formal objections can be requested through the dormitory proctor.
② Formal objections can be requested through the dormitory proctor.

Article 14 (Deposit for dormitory)
① A deposit system may be operated to improve the residential environment of the dormitory.
② The deposit for the dormitory shall be paid at the time of entering for the dormitory, and can be deducted from the deposit paid if reason for liability for compensation, etc. occurs while living in dormitory.
③ The standards related to the imposition and deduction of a deposit shall be finalized with the deliberation of the Student Life Committee and the approval of VP of Office of Student Life.

Supplementary Provision
① (Enforcement Date) This regulation will be active starting the date approved by the Head of Office of Student Life.
② (Interim Measures) Measures taken before this regulation is active will be considered as being done so with this regulation.

Dormitory penalty system

1. Dormitory Penalty Point Systeme Constitution
A. For dormitory users who have violated the dormitory regulations, a set amount penalty points will be given according to the act of violation.
B. Dormitory users with ‘penalty points’ that exceed 100 points will be expelled from the dormitory for life; but a chance for an explanation could be given, and relief activities may be permitted to reduce penalty points.
C. ‘Penalty points’ will be given by the manager of management department of each dormitory and the patrol supervisors, but in required cases, it could be given by personels appointed by VP of Office of Student Life.

2. Subject of the Dormitory Penalty Point System
Students who entered the dormitory.

3. Deduction of Penalty Points
To students who have conducted virtuous acts that inspire others in the dormitory or have contributed to the improvement of the dormitory environment, penalty points can be deducted depending of the level of contribution.

4. Penalty Point Criteria
The penalty points designated for acts of violation are as follows, and if it does not fall under these, it may be separately approved and imposed by VP of Office of Student Life.

Classification Act of Violation
Permanent Expulsion 100 ① Causing fire (misfire and arson) and theft (including 2-wheeled vehicles near dormitories)
② Sleeping together with the opposite gender
③ Dormitory users who have been disciplined from the school’s disciplinary committee by conducting acts of violence or dormitory users who have been charged for criminal/civil offense
④ Dormitory users who have been proven to transfer, receive or help others transfer and receive dormitory application or usage (Includes lending keys and sharing passwords)
⑤ Dormitory users who have attempted or helped other to live in the dormitory room alone and have used the room alone by doing so
⑥ Dormitory users who have not moved for the incoming dormitory user in the given moving period
⑦ Acts of leaving cargo in the room or causing harm to incoming dormitory users by keeping the room extremely dirty
⑧ Getting caught smoking in the dormitory leads to immediate permanent expulsion (Includes all forms of smoking)
⑨ Acts of gambling (Includes gambling-like acts)
⑩ A student who arbitrarily left the dormitory without completing the moving out checklist(approval of an auditor) in accordance with the rules of operation of the dormitory
⑪ The act of arbitrarily moving in to the dormitory, such as failing to complete moving in procedure in accordance with the rules of operation of the dormitory
⑫ A student who has committed an inappropriate act in the application and use of a dormitory (the act of forging documents to be submitted, etc.)
Penalty Points 80 ① Intentional vandalism
② Any voluntary movement of the room without approval from management department
③ Acts that disrupts roomate(s)’s sleeping (Playing games, singing, talking on the phone, working on the computer after 11pm)
④ An act of disrupting the order of living conditions, such as a high-pitched house, etc. (23:00 to 08:00 the following day)
⑤ Leaving personal belongings(huge) in public space (hallway, laundry room, lounge and etc)
⑥ Vomiting or releasing urine and feces in non-designated areas
Penalty Points 50 ① Acts of violence (including verbal violence not introduced to the discplinary committee)
② Opening or taking others posts and packages without notice
③ Entering the opposite gender’s room or bringing the opposite gender into the room
④ Bringing non-residents into the room without notice
⑤ Entering other dormitory without permission
⑥ Smoking in a non-smoking area
⑦ Drinking or cooking(Including possession/storage of alcoholic beverages)
⑧ Acts that may cause fire(*Use or possession of inflammables or heating machines)
⑨ Acts of not following the instructions of staff of management department without legitimate reason
⑩ Acts of raising animals
⑪ Acts of parking vehicles in non-designated spaces(2-wheeled vehicles, electric vehicles, automobiles and all kinds of vehicles)
Penalty Points 30 ① Acts of personally possessing public property and moving room-based properties
② The act of leaving personal items (small) unattended in a public place (corridor, laundry room, rest room, etc.)
③ Moving rooms without the approval of the Student Life Team
④ Throwing away trash in non-designated areas
Penalty Points 20 ① Drying laundry in the lounge or staying at the lounge for an extensive amount of time
② Keeping the room in a untidy and unsanitary condition
* electric heaters allowed in the dormitory : electric coffee pots(Not allowed food pots), hair dryers

5. Measures for dormitory users with accumulated penalty points

A. The disciplinary action of “Permanent Expulsion” will be conducted by VP of Office of Student Life.
B. The parents and advising professor of the subject student of “Permanent Expulsion” can be notified of the “expulstion.”
C. Students who have received “penalty points” can file a objection form within a week of the penalty, and the penalty point can be deducted if the objection is valid and justified.
D. Unable to reassign living quarters if cumulative penalty points exceed 50 points

6. Standards for penalty point deduction and relief activities

The content of deduction of penalty points given by acts of violation are as follows.

Classification Content Note
Penalty Point Deduction and Relief Activities 100 o A person of merit
- contributed to the prevention or handling of an accident
- dormitory user who contributed to the prevention or handling of accidents in times of accident reports of the administrations departments (facilities team, safety team and the student life team)
- Awarded based on level of contribution with a maximum of 100 points
Dormitory Merit Recommendation must be attached[Dormitory Council or Dormitory Supervisor]
50 o Exemplary Dormitory Use
- Contribution to virtuous deeds, volunteer work and maintenance of order
- Recommendation from the Dormitory Council or the Supervisor
20 o Suggestion of excellent ideas
- Getting accepted by suggesting realisitic and effective ideas for the operation of the dormitory and getting adopted
10 o Dormitory Volunteer work
- Big contribution to improving the dormitory environment
Volunteer work certificate must be attached
* A report system will be applied and the reporter must report to the supervisor of each dormitory and patrol dormitory or the Dormitory Council.